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In the digital world, Handshaking is an automated process of negotiation that dynamically sets parameters of a communications channel established between two entities before normal communication over the channel begins.

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Similarly, since we are going to connect with various web entities like social networks, and other web 2.0 properties, there will be several authentication processes which we have to qualify before we develop that free flowing data transfer environment.

The Social Handshake 6 Week Course is an information and knowledge filled ride that will teach you how to take advantage of the evolving web, through social networks and web 2.0 entities. Through this course, we will teach you everything from the very basics to more advanced techniques to make your efforts visible to real people out there. Below is a summary of the course.

  • Webinar 1 - Introduction to Social Media
    • 1. Overview of Social Media Marketing
    • 2. Why Social Media Marketing over Search Engine Traffic?
    • 3. Your Money page (Drupal / Wordpress / HTML)
    • 4. Account Setups - Google, Facebook, EzineArticles, Yahoo, Twitter, and others
    • 5. How to pick account names (keyword relevance) and profile linking
    • 6. What to expect from Social Networks?
    • 7. Where to find Profile Images, and how to use them?
    • 8. Homework: Create accounts | Get Profile images | Get Ready

  • Webinar 2 - Getting Started with Google Sites
    • 1. Your Main Google Account
    • 2. Google Reader
    • 3. Youtube
    • 4. Orkut
    • 5. Google WebMasters
    • 6. Google Buzz
    • 7. Google Friend Connect
    • 8. Introducing Google Voice / Google Wave / and Google Listen

  • Webinar 3 - "THE" Facebook
    • 1. Understanding overall strategy
    • 2. Difference between profiles, pages and groups
    • 3. Setting up Facebook page
    • 4. What are your Fans? And how to get lot of them?
    • 5. PPC on Facebook to send traffic to your site
    • 6. PPC on Facebook to gain more Fans
    • 7. Connecting Facebook to your Blog using RSS
    • 8. Connecting Facebook to your Twitter account

  • Webinar 4 - Youtube & Twitter
    • 1. Discussing why Youtube is a good source of traffic
    • 2. Gettings Videos / Presentations for Youtube
    • 3. Setting up Youtube Profile
    • 4. Embeding videos to your blog
    • 5. Connecting Youtube to Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader
    • 6. Setting up Twitter Account
    • 7. Getting Twitter Followers
    • 8. Using Twitter widgets on your site to get noticed

  • Webinar 5 - Digg, Delicious and Flickr
    • 1. Using Digg to get traffic
    • 2. Social Bookmarking, an Overview
    • 3. How to use Delicious for traffic
    • 4. Flickr, as a great resource for traffic and interestingness
    • 5. Using RSS feeds with Google FeedBurner
    • 6. RSS and Article Submitters

  • Webinar 6 - Plugins and Modules
    • 1. Twitter Plugin for your blog
    • 2. Facebook Fan page box
    • 3. Digg This plugin
    • 4. Tracking with Long Tail Magic / Google Analytics
    • 5. Social Media Widgets
    • 6. Overview of what we did
    • 7. Support and Outsourcing Options
... And a few surprise tools, scripts and tips to make things easier for you as we go along.

The best thing about Social Media Marketing is that it can be applied to anything you do online or offline.

I don't claim that I know it all, but I know if I teach you what I know about Social Media Marketing, you could use this knowledge to gain traffic, followers and more business.

So here I am inviting you to Enroll yourself into the Social Handshake Course and let me share what I know, so you could take it from there.

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(Course Dates: March 31 to May 5 2010)